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Rosanne Kelley

SLP / VOICE THERAPIST (certified in the Netherlands) 



Hi there! 
My name is Rose, founder of House of Voice. I am Dutch and currently based in Texas, USA where I live with my husband & dog. I speak both Dutch & English fluently. 
From a young age, I’ve loved to sing. I’ve sung in different worship- and pop bands, and started to develop my love for Jazz by the end of my teens. For a short while, I sang in a wedding Jazz/blues Trio with my brother as drummer, one of my favorite memories!  
It wasn’t until I was 16 that I was taking my first voice lessons. The voice lessons were based on principles of the Estill Voice Technique. I’ve been taking lessons until I was 28 because I came to understand the importance of having a coach by your side. These days you can find anything on Youtube, which is valuable in its own way, but there’s nothing like someone that knows exactly what YOUR voice needs and gives you that push & clear direction to get you there. 





In 2012

I graduated as a Speech- Voice- and Language Therapist in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. My interest in the voice has been the reason I wanted to become an SLP.  Over the years I’ve specialized in voice pathology and continued to dive into (the newest) voice methods for both the speaking and singing voice. I love to learn new things and to know things in depth. Below you’ll find all the voice-related courses I’ve been taking since 2006. 
Right after I graduated I worked full-time in one of the best speech- voice- and language therapy practices of the Netherlands, whom has a high value for delivering quality. It was a time of really hard work, but I am still incredibly thankful for all that I’ve gained in that time! 

In 2016

I felt a shift in my heart to basically leave everything comfortable behind, and study at the “Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry” in the USA for three years, where I’ve learned a lot about myself and how to coach people well. After I came back in 2019 I started my very own voice practice “Stempraktijk Rosanne Lenselink” in the Netherlands. A dream come true! This practice has now transitioned into "House of Voice".

In 2020

Along with my personal love for singing, I’ve also developed a love for songwriting over the years. Since 2020, at the beginning of COVID-19 time, Gijs- Peter Kuijpers and I created a unique Instagram songwriting course for Dutch songwriters called “30daysongchallenge”. 

Over the years

Over the years

Over the years I’ve worked with the voices of (professional) singers, actors, speakers, preachers, teachers, but also with people whose voices are indispensable for work like market sales(wo)men & business(wo)men. 

For me, coaching voice is more than just work or a hobby. I am very passionate to help people use their voice correctly and in a way that is healthy and therefore sustainable. 
Not everyone may be meant to be a singer or a public speaker, but I love to see the ones that are, walk-in their (vocal)destiny. 

Through Voice coaching, I want to invest in you and help you find your own voice. I’d like to give you tools to use your voice to its fullest capacity and potential. You don’t have to be incredibly talented, what matters to me, is that you bring a bucket full of motivation and intention to learn. Because that my friend, that’s when the magic will happen! 

If you want to heal or grow your voice, I’d love to coach you!! 

Go to our contact page to ask us all about it. 

Course History

related to voice


2022- present LV® Master Trainer Education Program, Lax Vox® Institute
2021- present Contemporary Voice Teacher Academy, John Henny
2021 God Vibrations, Dan McCollam 
2021 Lax Vox®  Workshop, Katrien Eerdekens & Gert Leunen 
2021 N. Vagus & Belonging, Dropgym 

2020 Kinesiotaping in de praktijk, Academy of Voice Training & Therapy 

2020 Lax Vox®  Workshop, Universal Voice 

2020 Lax Vox® Workouts, Stephanie A. Kruse 

2020 Lax Vox® Workshop, Stephanie A. Kruse 

2020 Nek/ Trapezius blijvend blijven ontspannen, Triggerpoint Reset Methode

2020 Laryngectomie, Atos 

2020 Laryngeal Massage Manipulation Treatment for musle tension Dysphonial Hyperfunction, Glenn Bunting 

2019 Weekly Mastermind Songwriter, Jenny Rebecca Winans Ronning 
2017- 2018 Creativity Track: Music, Theresa Dedmon, J.R. Winans - Ronning, Matt Mainhard 

2016- 2019 Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, Bethel Church California

2015 Psychogene Stem- en Spraakstoornissen, Einders Educatie

2015 WorshipU Worship School, Bethel Church California

2015 Estill Voice Training System voor logopedisten, Estill International

2014 Oro- Myofunctionele Tandheelkunde: OMFT, Helderop & Verlinden

2014 Méér dan Larynxmanipulatie, Einders Educatie

2014 Estill Voice Training System Level 1 & 2, Estill International

2014 Stotteren 6- 10 jaar, Logopedisch Centrum Blerick

2014 Workshop Lax Vox therapy technique, Ilona Bernoster

2014 Symposium ter gelegenheid van de werelddag van de stem, Hogeschool Utrecht
2014 Workshop Voice Control, Larissa Baak
2011 Minor Coaching, Hogeschool Windsheim 

2007- 2012 Opleiding Logopedie Hogeschool Rotterdam 
2006- 2007 Opleiding Logopedie, Hogeschool Windesheim 
2004 - 2016 Voice Training according to EVT principles

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