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Do you love it all and just want it all or do you want to give a voice fanatic a nice gift, then The Voice Package is an affordable and fun option!



◌ 1x LAX VOX® tube  – the original (transparant or blue) 

◌ 1x SOVT Set of your choice of color

◌ 1x Inhaler

◌ 1x Nebulizer 

◌ 8x Pipets Nacl0,9% 

◌ 1x Your Voice is beautiful A5 card

◌ 1x You are Capable of Amazing Things A5 card


Product information

More information about the products can be found per product on our shop page.


The Voice Package

$120.95 Regular Price
$99.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax |
Pick your color SOVT set
Pick color LAX VOX® tube
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