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Semi- Occluded Vocal Tract

This means that by partially closing your mouth, the supraglottic pressure (pressure above  the vocal folds) increases. This helps the vocal folds unpress & get into a better closing position, so that they can vibrate with more ease and less effort.

Tools & exercises we use in House of Voice for these SOVT exercises are different sizes of straws & tubes, humming, liprols & voiced fricatives

We apply this method for both the speaking & singing voice:

◌  To reduce strained speaking & singing
◌  To optimize the way of breathing
◌   As a warm- up or cooling down
◌   To train your voice and expand your vocal ability

(reset or upgrade your voice)

Easy, fast & effective

This is an easy, fast and effective voice training exercise, that has been optimized by the Finnish Speech-, and Language Therapist Marketta Sihvo in the 90’s. The official LAX VOX®️ Institute by S. A. Kruse is located in München, Germany. 

This exercise is a SOVT & exercise, however, LAX VOX® has an effect other SOVT exercises don’t have. It is also a WRT (water resistant therapy) exercise. Bubbling through a tube with specific measurements, not only increases the supraglottic pressure above the vocal folds that results in a better fold closure, but it also massages the vocal fold muscle and mucous membrane. This massage has a relaxing and healing effect on the vocal folds. 

This exercise is being used in Speech- and Voice therapy, Breath therapy, Voice pedagogy and has been used by many (famous) singers and speakers. 

Our coach Rose Kelley is a certified LAX VOX® Master Trainer at the LAX VOX® Institute. 

Vocal Massage (Laryngeal Manipulation)
For reducing tension

The Vocal Massage is an incredible tool for people that experience to much musculair tension while speaking and/or singing. This massage is focused on reducing tension in the face-, mouth-, neck-, shoulders- and throat area. 

If you don’t experience any voice strain, but your voice is indespensable for your daily life, this massage will help you perform better and help you prevent injuries. 

Common effects of this technique on the speaking and singing voice:
ℴ   Reducing hoarseness, raspiness 
ℴ   Lowering of voice pitch (when pitch was to high)
ℴ   Reduction of feeling “lump in the throat”
ℴ   Reducing throat ache while speaking and singing caused by hypertension
ℴ   Optimizes position of the larynx and flexibility of laryngeal structures
ℴ   Increases vocal range and performing the passagio
ℴ   Better performance of the vibrato
ℴ   Increase resonance
ℴ   Reducing visible musculair activity in the frontal throat muscles while speaking & singing

ℴ   Improving posture and head-, neck position.
ℴ   Prevent voice injuries

Vocal Vibration Technique
Find a fuller, more relaxed voice

This technique will be applied by an external tool: the “voice vibration tool”

The Vocal Vibration Technique will be used to help the singer- and speaker find a fuller, more relaxed and resonant voice.
The vibration tool enhances the natural vibration of your voice, releases muscle tension and enhances the natural resonance of your voice. The vibration tool we use has the right size and amount of frequencies for the neck- and face area. It is applied in the face-, mouth-, jaw-, neck-, shoulders- and throat area. 

If you don’t experience any voice strain, but your voice is indispensable for your daily life, this voice vibration tool will help you perform better and help you prevent voice injuries.

Foto 15.jpg
Voice Taping
Improving blood- and lymph circulation

We apply this tape to improve posture, and to improve blood- and lymph circulation of the shoulder-, neck-, mouth-, jaw- and throat area. Applying tape results directly in a reduction of pain/ discomfort in that muscle area and indirectly in relaxation or activation of the muscle. 

Taping causes a shift in skin layers, that results in a reduction of pressure on the pain- and pressure- receptors. This leads to an improvement of lymph- and blood circulation. The muscle vibers are then stimulated to either stretch or shorten.
Besides this, the tape also has a pro- prioceptive effect.

We never apply this tape isolated, always combine it with a voice lesson package, vocal coaching package or a vocal massage.

Voice Care
How to treat your voice muscle and mucous membrane

Knowing how to take care of your voice, is one of the most important things when you use your voice a lot, whether being a singer, speaker or teacher. When you don’t take good care of your voice, it will limit you. It can affect you more than you might think.

See vocal care as the maintenance of a car. If you don't regularly take care of the condition of the car (= Vocal Care) and keep driving it full speed (=high voice demand) it will take a little while before you can add all the gas (=vocal technique) you want, the car will start to show (unexpected) failures and eventually will break.
That’s why we apply Vocal Care in almost everything we offer. Whether it be singing lessons, vocal coaching or workshops. We’ll address Vocal Care regularly, to make sure you'll get knowledge, advice and exercises to keep your voice healthy & vibrant in your daily life.  It also will help you sing with ease.


Vocal care is mostly focused on how to treat your voice muscle and your voice mucous membrane carefully to get optimal results.

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