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We work from a holistic point of view

This means that we believe that the voice doesn’t function on its own but is connected to the body as a whole, the mind, soul, and spirit. Since they are all connected, they either work for or against your voice. Because of this, not only will we offer you technical tools, if necessary we will also pay attention to mindset, vocal health, and your overall healthy lifestyle.

"Make yourself at home in your voice"

- Rosanne Lenselink


Home is where your voice is

Working with your voice can be a vulnerable process. We understand that and therefore find it incredibly important to create a safe space for you to heal & grow in your voice. That is in fact the main reason we chose to be a "house of voice". A place that feels like home.
Obviously it's up to you how much you allow yourself to be at home. 


An individual personal approach

Our conviction is to never stop being a student of voices and the voices of our clients. That's why we keep our knowledge up-to-date by following courses. We also realize that every voice belongs to a person that is unique in so many ways. That's why we are careful to generalize and always work according to a personal plan. All ways lead to Rome, so if something doesn't work for you we have other exercises for the same purpose.



We teach you about the voice

The more understanding you have about the voice, the better you'll be able to work with yours. That's why we also implement voice anatomy & physiology in the coaching sessions. Not only will we coach you, but we'll also teach you how to become your own coach.
Even though we are preparing the way for you to accomplish your vocal goals, you are 100% responsible for getting there. We'll encourage & champion you, but you'll only grow as much as you are willing to practice and apply. If discipline is challenging for you, we'd love to help you find ways to implement it into your life. 

Our core values are honor & authenticity and these are the places we coach from.

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