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So you have an SOVT straw.
Are you ready to get the most out of it..?

Join Our Mini E-course
This self-paced course will teach you everything you need to know about getting healthy & sustainable results by targeted SOVT straw singing.
This hands- on course is unique in it's kind as we thoroughly go over technique, exercises and the science to get the results your voice will thank you for.
Your vocal breakthrough can start today!



It's not the tool on itself that leads to  success,
it's the knowing how to use it 

Practice in- depth healthy & effective SOVT straw technique
Learn a complete warming- up & cooling down routine with SOVT
Discover the place of SOVT in voice training
Learn the science & benefits of SOVT 
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Mini E- Course

Why use SOVT exercises for your voice?

This means that by partially closing your mouth, the supraglottic pressure (pressure above  the vocal folds) increases. This helps the vocal folds unpress & get into a better closing position, so that they can vibrate with more ease and less effort.

We apply straw vocalizing for both the speaking & singing voice:
◌  To reduce strained speaking & singing
◌  To optimize the way of breathing
◌   As a warm- up or cooling down
◌   To train your voice and expand your vocal ability

(reset or upgrade your voice)

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