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A DIGITAL poster with the anatomy of the Larynx (Voice Box) designed for Voice Pathologists/ Voice Teachers and Singers. 


This Poster will look amazing in your office/ treatment room, Vocal Studio or Practice Room. 
Important names of the ANATOMY are included. 

As an SLP myself, I found there was a need for beautiful looking anatomic animations. These Posters will not only look good, but also help you make things visual for your client or student. This will help them understand how THEIR Voice works and leads to quicker results and autonomy. 

When you order this product, we'll immediately send you an e-mail with a DIGITAL version of this Poster. 

Here are two ways to go about it: 
1. Print it yourself in either A5 or A4 and hang it wherever you want to 
2. Have if printed in A5 by a print company of your choice 




mm: 148x 210

inch: 5.8x 8.3



mm: 210 x 297

inch: 8.3x 11.7

Ⓒ This product is designed by "Ilona Original" for House of Voice.

A5/A4 Poster Larynx Soft Boho I DIGITAL

Excluding Sales Tax
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