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◌ Hydrate the vocal folds

◌ For maintenance of the voice with regular use of voice

◌ For restoring the voice after intensive speaking, with a cold or an insufficiently hydrated vocal fold mucosa



30x pipettes NaCl 0.9% a 5ml
1x small linnen carry bag 

NB: the nebulizer as portrayed in the photo's won't be included.


Product information

You will receive a total of 32 ampoules filled with NaCl 0.9%.  Each ampoule contains of 5ml. Each ampoule consists the exact amount needed for a single nebulize session.
These ampoules are ideal for taking your nebulizer & saline solution on the road. 

Why nebulizing with NaCl 0,9%

Research has shown that Isotonic Saline (0.9% NaCI) hydrates your voice, while clearing the allergens and mucus from your airways and nasal passages, leading to improved vocal hygiene.

Nebulization has been proven effective for voice maintenance and recovery after heavy use of the voice. Results have been measured of 70% faster recovery after nebulization compared to no nebulization after exercise.

Nacl0,9 Saline Solution Pipets for Voice Nebulizing

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