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◌ 1x LAX VOX® Tube 

This LAX VOX® Tube is the one and only original by the LAX VOX® Institute from Germany. 

The LAX VOX® Tube is available in a Transparant or Blue Color. At check- out you can pick the color you want.
If you are interested in purchasing more then one, check our discounted LAX VOX® set here:



◌ Massaging & recovering your voice (mucous membrane)

◌ To reduce tense speaking and singing

◌ To optimize the way you breathe

◌ As a warm-up or cool-down

◌ To train your voice and increase your vocal skills (reset or upgrade your voice)


Product information

This tube has been put together with the utmost care and love by the official and original Lax Vox® Institute under the direction of Stephanie A. Kruse and the LV® team. The tube contains, based on recent scientific research, the most optimal length, diameter & the best material of the tube, to get the most effect from the bubbling.

This product is shipped from Germany, Europe.


The LAX VOX® tube

- platinum cured

- free from harmful substances

- Free from harmful plasticizers

- colorfast and odorless

- heat resistant and dishwasher safe

- biocompatible according to USP Class VI

And therefore absolutely safe and harmless to use. Also for children.


Dimensions LAX VOX® tube:

length: 35 cm I inner diameter 1 cm I wall thickness: 2 mm



The markings at 1-6 cm were made by Stephanie A. Kruse. They serve as a visual aid and help to optimally match the tube depth to the particular goal you want to achieve with your voice.


NB: the product is delivered without glass.

The LAX VOX® Tube

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