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About this product 

  • Portable, lightweight & Easy to Use
  • Ultrasonic Technology Convenient & Simple to Clean
  • Ultra Low Noise 3 Levels of Atomization
  • USB Charging Cable
    NB: the Nacl0,9% as portrayed is not included. You can purchase them through our shop. 


Why is this beneficial for singers & professional speakers? 
Your vocal folds consist partly out of mucous (lamina priopria). Keeping this mucous hydrated is extremely important to keep your vocal folds vibrate smoothly & help come together completely. 
There are several ways your vocal folds can dehydrate quickly (singing breathy, high demand on your voice, dry environment, mouthbreating, Airconditioning, not taking enough liquids in etc). A hydrated voice can be recognized by a lack of clearness in your sound and needing to make more effort to sing/ speak at the level that you need. It immediately affects your vocal stamina. 

Benefits of nebulizing
Nebulizing with 0.9% isotonic saline solution (Nacl0,,9%) is found to be one of the most effective ways to effectively hydrate your voice. It is a form of direct hydration, which means it immediately reaches & hydrates the Vocal Folds, creating fast results. 

The nebulizer is compact and works both on batteries & electricity, making it an easy and practical tool for on the road. 

The Saline Solution come in handy pipets, making it easy to bring with you. 
You can order these in our shop as well. 


How to use for Voice Hydration: 
The nebulizer comes with both a mask & a mouthpiece. The mouthpiece will be used for Direct Voice Hydration. Inhale & Exhale through your mouth to allow the airparticals make the shortest route to your vocal folds. The shorter the route, the better the results. 

Check the nebulizer if it is powered
Open the protective cap and empty the Nacl0,9% pipet into the medicineroom. Install the mouthpiece
Press the power button to turn on the nebulizer. Start nebulizing, inhaling & exhaling through your mouth. Press the power button to switch off the nebulizer.

The nebulizer is multifunctional and has multiple benefits apart from your voice. 


Additional Benefits:
Helps relieve breathing issues
Treats symptoms of asthma, colds, bronchitis, flu, or other viruses as well as other respiratory ailments can cause considerable distress. It can be used to provide therapy with Albuterol, bronchodilation medication or 0.9% saline solution

Comes up with two breathing-mask sizes that are suitable for both adults and children. Utilizes cutting edge ultrasonic technology to atomize liquid quietly and efficiently so that it can be inhaled.
Allows therapeutic solutions to enter the lungs and respiratory system directly in a short time.

Voice Nebulizer

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